3 warm and low cost places to escape in winter

Some Like It Hot, said a well-known film from many years ago. Also and especially in winter, I add. I personally love the cold, Christmas and winter. I don't care much about my tan and prefer to have a wool hat on my head rather than a straw hat. However, I understand that not everyone sees winter, cold, Christmas and rain as a source of joy, but rather as moments to pass quickly to return to spring heat and summer.

For those who want one warm holiday even in December there are places, not too far from Italy, and certainly low cost, where to take refuge for a few weeks or for a weekend waiting for the summer to end.


With Ryanair and Vueling you can fly easily to the Canary Islands. Here in between Lanzarote, Fuerteventura e Tenerife you will always have a temperature that is around 20 ° C even in December. Recommended for sports lovers as the Canary Islands are not only defined as the islands of eternal spring they are also defined as the islands of sportsmen, of those who love kitesurfing or windsurfing. There is no shortage of schools and courses to learn these water sports and there are many activities to do, even in December. If you are interested in knowing more or having a guide, we recommend that you read ours Fuerteventura mini guide.


We don't travel that much, and it always depends on where you are, but this time we stay in Italy. If you have never seen Sicily you have missed a world. The world of traditions, hearty and caloric foods but also with a history made up of people, culture and passion. Sicily should be seen in spring, perhaps not in summer due to the turnout - but it always depends on the time and place - and certainly in winter. In December in Sicily it is also easy to get to 20 ° C, something that does not happen for example in Milan or Turin. If what you are looking for is a pleasant stay, almost spring even at Christmas, Sicily is one destination to explore, literally.


You want to win easy, you say! Yes, actually a little bit yes. Although we all know that the Caribbean in December is always hot, with temperatures reaching over 30 ° C, try it a few years ago, few know that there are also Low cost Caribbean. I'm serious. I'm talking about Fort de France a Martinique, in the French Antilles. This city offers € 350 return flights with Air France over Christmas. At the moment they are no longer there, I tell you already, but know that the weeks before Christmas was active, so as advice I suggest it for next year or for January, when after the Christmas truce perhaps Air France will decide to restore the 'offer ;)

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